Jayy Perry – Forget It ft. Lil’ Chuckee



Produced by KashBeats
Written and Performed by Jayy Perry & Lil’ Chuckee
oh x4(Lil’ Chuckee):
Jayy, pick up the phone baby
Young Mula baby
Hey, Hey, Hey
I know I told you I love you so many times
But I really mean it this time, yeahVERSE 1:
I been up
A little drink in my cup and I don’t what to do
My mind is blown
So high and I can’t come down off thinking bout you
You said things were different this time
And you said you’d stop messing in our bed, you liedPRE-CHORUS:
And I shoulda said fuck you
And I shoulda stopped forgiving everything, every time
And I should just left you
It’s funny how three how three words could make me blindCHORUS:
So forget it when she’s there
Forget it when she’s in my bed spread open wide
Forget it how we were
Forget it how I made your body work on mine
Forget it where I am when you’re callin’ her my name
I said Forget it
Forget it how I came
Over and overoh x2

I been up, for too long
I’m drinking too much
And baby I’m screwed
I need some love and my,
My body needs you, but
I got too much pride to call you and say it
And I’m too high to remember why I’m even mad in the first place

I shoulda said fuck you
Yeah, alright
And I shoulda stopped forgiving everything, everytime
Oo I shoulda left you (I shoulda left you)
But it’s funny how three damn words they made me blind
Made me blind


Uh, Young Money

VERSE 3 (Lil’ Chuckee):
Uh, sit back take them heels off and relax baby
(Relax baby)
See I know the devil been trying to get busy lately
Put sh*t in your head, had you thinkin’ I was creepin’ in her bed
But I don’t even know that girl
Baby I don’t even know how she look
Okay I’m lyin’, K I’m lyin’
I know you done called me a couple times
Starin’ at her saying “Think she fine”
Tellin’ all my homies I wish she was mine
But I don’t know how messed up the game
You wasn’t even supposed to know her name
But now it’s gone, down the drain
But I ain’t about to go down memory lane
But see I changed girl, yeah I changed girl
See I’m yours, now you’re mine
And just like your body everything’s fine
(Jayy Perry: I’m fine, yeah)

Let’s leave the bullsh*t all behind
I know I told you I love you, but I mean it this time
Believe that


(Lil’ Chuckee):
I promise I changed
Young Mulah baby
I love you

released 02 January 2012
Jayy Perry, Kashbeats, Lil’ Chuckee

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