Big K.R.I.T. – King Remembered In Time (Mixtape Review)


We took a break from our constant eargasms to give a review of this f#cking Incredible mixtape. Lets start by saying that OnMyGrind has always been fans of K.R.I.T. and when we heard that he was releasing a mixtape we were expecting nothing less than greatness.  Without a doubt K.R.I.T delivered and then some! In one of our favorite tracks “King Without a Crown” K.R.I.T. states “Aint no ghost writer, My flow tighter than Gorilla fists” and he wasn’t lying. Not only is he showing progression in his lyrics and flow but his production skills could make any producer shake in fear. From the sound of this mixtape he was on a mission to show and prove his deserved royalty and he did that without question. We Love the variety of sound that’s given with this tape and every track serves a purpose.

The sample choice in “R.E.M.” isn’t the typical style for K.R.I.T but that isn’t a bad thing. It’s just another way that K.R.I.T. is showing his progression in production in other words change is good but in this case great. Speaking of samples the legendary 9th Wonder gave a helping hand for a beautiful collab on “Multi Til The Sun Die”, K.R.I.T. carefully articulates some of his struggles on his quest to be king. One very interesting piece is “The Banana Clip Theory” that has a jazzy but old school hip hop style which tells a gritty story in a tasteful and poetic way. Things also get extremely poetic on “WTF”. We don’t want to give too much away because we want you to listen to it, but boy does the sh*t hit the fan in that story.

So lets talk about some beats that will have the two twelves in your trunk begging for mercy. One sub woofer killer  is “Talkin Bout Nothing”.  This one is perfect for pulling up to any spot and showing off that old school that you just got painted. And how can we ignore the southern anthems like “Just Last Week” featuring Future (we only get a snippet of it, but its all good we’re sure that it will appear in an future project or single).

What more can we say there isn’t one damn thing wrong with this tape. We can go on for days talking about what we liked about “King Remembered In Time” but we want to get back to listening to it. This Flawless body of work will be remembered as a classic. Every track is a diamond and we want you to listen to each one. This mixtape is gold and is FREE to download but its good enough to be sold to the masses. There’s something on here that appeals to everyone. With that being said ITS MULTI TIL THE SUN DIE!!!

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