Flex goes in on Jay Z

Flex Hogan whats going on Bruh , why you mad ?    Well apparently Flex is feeling some kind of way because Jay Z bit his  media app idea and used it.  On Friday Flex went on the air and  went on a  rant about how he can ruin Jay’s Career and air him out. Not sure what that part is about but Flex is mad lol  Flex also went on and disclosed that Jay would instruct him not to play any Dipset music in the 40/40 club and he said they wanted to know  his involvement with the future Dipset reunion.   Hummmmm something sounds fishy to me. Why would these things make Mr. Flex Hogan so angry ? Well word is that Jay and Carmello Anthony are in the works of purchasing Hot 97 and that could possibly mean Jay will be Flex’s BOSS! We will see how things play out with this one. If Jay does pull this one off “All Praises to the King”  I guess real G’s do move in silence.

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