Lil Wayne Disses Cash Money and Baby on New Mixtape

Lil Wayne went in earlier this year on social media putting Cash Money on blast for the delay of the Carter V and demanding that he be released from the label. Since then Wayne has been taking major shots at Cash Money and Baby. Wayne came out shooting jabs on his “Sorry for the Wait 2 Mixtape but, Wayne really went in for the throat on the single OT Genesis “CoCo”.

Peep some of the lyrics with


(Wayne)  Who kept this sh*t together? Ni**a, me, that’s who.  Who was there when ni**as left? Ni**a, me, that’s who.  Cash Money is an army, I’m a one man army…And if them ni**as comin’ for me, I’m goin’ out like Tony.”

“Now I don’t want no problems, I just want my money.  Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling.”


No Subs there. He made it clear who he was talking about. Tell em why you mad Wayne ?.


Listen to the whole album below

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