R.I.P Jerame Reid, Black Lives Matter




Police in Bridgeton, NJ pulled over 36 year old Jerame Reid over for running a stop sign on Dec 30, 2014. According to the Bridgeton police dash cam one officer (who was black) approached the passenger window and asked for licenses. After the officer spotted a gun in the glove department both officers (one white, one black) drew their weapons and warned both men not to move. One officer told Reid “Reach for something and you’re dead”   Reid then yelled “Let me out the F*** car” Once Reid got out the car with his hands in front of his chest both officers opened fire killing him.

The other young man whose hands were raised was visible throughout then lies down to be handcuffed. Both officers are on administrative leave while the department investigates.

Where do we draw the line and realize that “Black Lives Matter” This has got to end, we are losing too many of our brothers. Not every black man is a criminal, and not every black man deserves to die.

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