R/B Artist Teedra Moses


Anxiously I would love to introduce everyone to Ms.Teedra Moses but, she needs no introduction because she’s been here for years.  The first time I heard Teedra’s voice was when I was in College. I was dating a dude that loved music just as much as I did. One day he was helping me with a marketing project and we somehow got on the topic of R/B. He insisted that I knew nothing about good R/B and went on about me not knowing good music in a whole ( Boy was he wrong) anyway, he suggested we have a contest to see who could make the best R/B CD and the winner would be determined by the listeners of  our schools radio station. I made my CD he made his and on his CD “Be your girl”  was her first single.   When I heard this song the first thing I noticed was the sampled track by Nas entitled “One on One.” My mind was blown away; I thought what does she know about Nas? I’ve never heard an R/B chick sample a song from such a rap genius. Needless to say he won the contest but, once he introduced me to her I was hooked and it made me fall for him even more. IRONICALLY I was in love with two entities, he ended up breaking my heart but her music healed it. Teedra’s voice is not only amazing but her writing ability is fantastic. She makes you want to dance; love, cry and even say nigga fuck you. She really comes off as a real woman that goes through the up’s and downs of love and relationships.  Her first album “Complex Simplicity” is the album most people know her for but, since then she has dropped three more dope albums that still kept her under the radar and classified as an “underground artist.” Her latest EP “California Vibes” dropped and can be found on ITunes and Spotify. Check her out and become a believer.


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