Big Sean Drops New Album “Dark Sky Paradise”

Big Sean has dropped an album this week, Dark Sky Paradise, and it’s expected to do some pretty good numbers out the gate. I’ve taken out the time to listen to it, a few times in fact, and I would say as a complete body of work it’s good. I will say that outside of his single “I Don’t Fuck With You” there’s an immensely positive song on the album titled “One Man can Change The world” I  feel this  should be his next released single in support of the album. This album is a breath of fresh air on the commercial rap circuit, as it has dope beats with switch ups to counteract the monotonous repetitious beat patterns most hip-hop heads would get used to quickly. As a lyricist Big Sean still proves that he can hold his own even though he has yet to obtain the full support and acknowledgment from the hip-hop community. All around I would say that this album would be a dope addition to your collection, so it’s a worth a download and a few spins!

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