Bobby Shmurder Talks About How His Life Influenced His Music

Its no secret that Bobby Shmurder had the internet and clubs blazing with his “Shmoney Dance”. The track “Hot Nigga” had everyone and their momma (and I do mean their momma) doing the dance.  But with every success comes drama and unfortunately Bobby was recently arrested for allegedly being a ringleader in the murder of a rival gang member where  he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, weapons passion and reckless endangerment. Bobby pled not guilty and was recently released from prison. Although, Bobby was released he still has to go to trial and come to terms that his music and past may be his downfall in the justice system.   Check out what Bobby had to say when he sat down a BBC Radio and talked about the impact his life had on his music and the future of Bobby Shmurder


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