Jae Millz “Virgo 5 Nastier than the Nastiest”

Jae Millz “Virgo 5: Nastier than the Nastiest”

Just got through listening to the aforementioned mix tape  from Jae Millz “Virgo 5: Nastier than the Nastiest” on Datpiff.com, and just so we are all clear; all views and opinions are solely from me and reflect none from anyone but myself… now let’s get to it!

I know some may consider this hate but in all actuality stay awake… truthfully I found it hard to stay awake while listening to this mixtape. The theme and tone of this mixtape is supposed to be of the freaky kind and I get it but there was nothing witty of clever here with the word play, rhyme scheme, and how the subject matter was handled.

They say Lil Wayne surrounds himself with the dopest of young emcees so I expected more and more of a NY sound, this fell short for my expectations to say the least. It’s been several years of him being a signed artist to Young Money and he has yet to drop a major label release. This mixtape of current work by Mr. Millz can possibly be seen as a testament to ask the question; why he’s yet to drop an actual album on his label? And honestly, I can understand why. From listening to this there isn’t one track I can single out out and hold my attention. In fairness it doesn’t seem like he’s grown as an emcee, so I would consider this body of work something to pass on…..


If you feel differently comment below and let me know what you think…





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