The Future of the Female Emcee

This past Sunday, Rat Pack Radio visited the topic “The State of Hip-Hop for The Female Emcee”.  In a music genre that is typically male driven it can be hard for a female rapper to make it with just rhyming ability. On Sunday’s show it was frequently mentioned that looks play major part in what it takes to be a Female Emcee and make it. I consider this “The Lil’ Kim Effect” since she drew the blueprint on how to be “sexy” and still be respected as a Female Emcee. In my opinion the Little Kim Effect created a hurdle for Female Emcees that are currently in the game. There are a few that might be willing to conform to this “image” of having the fake butt, breast and “Brazilian” hair, not to mention expensive clothing, and other amenities that come with being labeled high maintenance or even a “diva”. This could be career ending if one becomes difficult to work with. Why can’t skills and ability be all one needs to make it in the industry?  That a tough question to wrap my mind around because, because todays “signed” Female Emcee lacks skills, ability and natural beauty. On the flipside we have Nikki Minaj, who unlike most has dope lyrical skills and she’s not bad on the eye. Aside from the wigs, weaves and fake body, Nikki can actually spit; and this might be a small step in the right direction.  I hope one day we can go back to the day when artist like Lauren Hill, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Monie Love Bahamadia, Lady Luck, and Jean Grae blessed the mic and proved that”I’m beautiful by nature” But until then the underground shall remain!!!!!!! (Notice Iggy wasn’t mentioned LOL)


On Sunday’s show it was said there aren’t many current female emcees to compare to, I find that statement false since there are a plethora of female rappers out here doing it, her are my top eight  that you might want to watch out for;


Lee Mazin


Sasha Go Hard


Noname Gypsy


nyemiah supreme


Tiffany Foxx




Gifted Gab





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