Whats Beef ???

Hip-Hop is a culture that is composed of five key essential elements; B-Boying, Graffiti, DJing, Knowledge of Culture and Over-standing and Emceeing.  Although, most of these elements seemingly disappeared, Emceeing is one of these elements that remain almost unscathed by time.   The many principals of Emceeing, one of which is being prepared to represent one’s self or neighborhood in a battle or on a dis track and display MC supremacy over one’s peers.  Ratpack Radio discussed in chronological order many of the beefs that played a major role in hip hop and either boosted or decimated an artist career.

To diss or battle another MC is usually powered by a feud, more times than any, it’s personal or someone taking shots at whoever’s at the top to gain MC supremacy.  The earliest known form of dissing another person in the form of poetry was during the 9th century, the middle ages. This was called “Hija”, a satirical form of Arabic poetry used to poke fun at or diss another person in front of a large crowd. Some of the earlier recorded known diss tracks were made in Jamiaca by Lee “Scratch” Perry about a producer Coxsone Dodd after he left him under bad circumstances, he released a track called Run for Cover (1967) poking fun at him. These are just some of the things laid out in earlier times to steer us in the direction of the Hip-Hop diss track, battles, and beefs. Sadly some Hip-Hop beefs have ended in death leaving the Hip-Hop community mourning the loss of great talent and artistry.


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